We are aware that our GeWindows are of high quality. Surely, a geowindow made of Plexiglas would be much cheaper and could also be produced in high quantity in the Non-European countries. So why using glass of high quality?

We do not want to produce a disposable item that is scratched with sand after three experiments, so you do not want to work with it any longer.

We opt for durability: We want to sell products that are worth being repaired, if necessary. geowindows are designed very robustly so that one broken safety glass has to be replaced at the most.

Regional comes first: We produce by ourselves or with regional partners.

Sustainability already starts with the purchase of raw materials: We get our raw materials from companies that know what sustainability means exactly.

Our choice of materials is justified by the concept of sustainability: Our raw materials are as sustainable as possible, for example, we developed inlays for the case that do not consist of foam but of soft wood fiber plates.