In general, geowindow  allows observing and demonstrating processes. geowindow  is used in a standing or lying position.



  • Pedology, soil compaction, soil salination, soil aeration (bioturbation), soil filtration, cryoturbation (forming of needle ice)
  • Model of global ocean current
  • Volcanism
  • Processes of plate tectonics (formation of ditches, subduction, Mid-Ocean ridge, fold mountains)
  • Modelling of groundwater (forms of sources, groundwater in the bedrock, wells, funnels for groundwater abstractions, water level gauge, salination of ground water, flow rate)
  • Different models for demonstrating the formation of tsunamis
  • Spontaneous mass movements
  • Scenario of impacts
  • Different form types of coastlines (e.g. platform of abrasion, shelf)
  • Processes of sedimentation
  • Isostasy


  • Swimming and sinking
  • Refractive index of liquids
  • Centrifugal force


  •  electrochemistry
  • chemistry in liquids
  • from solid and liquid to gaseous