To simplify the introduction to working with geowindow and to imagine which topics could be ones for geowindow, we created a collection of experimental cards that is constantly developing further.

The experimental cards are not designed explicitly as a teacher’s manual, however they are seen as a collection of ideas for all learners (pupils but also teachers). They should spot the specialist background of a range of topics and show a potential construction of modeling. The cards are completed with useful tips and a list of materials.

The following topics are already available:

  • Volcanism (card 1.0)
  • The Upper Rhine Valley (card 2.0)
  • Water Moves Mountains (How wave ripples arise) (card 3.0)
  • The Hydrological Cycle (card 4.0)
  • The Motor of Global Ocean Current (card 5.0)

Here you can download the pattern for your own experiment. Please do not hesitate to send it to us via e-mail in order to upload it to our collection of experimental cards.