GéoWindow en primaireOur geowindows  are innovative teaching media for scientific fields.

Finally, there is a test tube for physical geography…

A macroscope, in which the spacious processes forming our world can be modelled and visualized in a small environment.

… also suitable for biology and other sciences.

geowindows  have been developed especially for primary- and secondary education as well as universities.

GéoWindow au collègegeowindows  are so easy to handle that learners can work with it immediately.

Please inform on this website about the benefits of our geowindows  and let us demonstrate their easy use with short videoclips. It would also be a pleasure for us to present geowindows  to you personally.

By the way, we oblige ourselves to develop, produce, and retail  geowindow products seen from the point of view of lastingness. More about sustainability…