Thanks for your interest in the geowindow100-project..

The Badenova innovation fund “Klima & Wasserschutz” invests about 130.000,00 EUR in the project.

If you are interested in geowindows, why not booking a free geowindow-Bildungsstein” (translated: educational stone) for your teaching and learning institution?

“Bildungssteine“ are funded!
Until 2018 one hundred “Bildungssteine” are planned to be set up to a “geowindow-knowledge network”. geowindow plays a key role for it because it allows learners to participate in modelling processes and in their visualization.


The acquisition of geowindows is funded!
The innovation fund promotes the acquisition of a geowindow of up to 680,00 EUR. The use of geowindow at school makes an important contribution to “Education for Sustainable Development”.

There are many advantages for teaching institutions that take part in the “geowindow-knowledge network”:

  • Those schools have an additional amount of the subsidy of 100,00 EUR for the acquisition of a
  • One teacher can participate in a two-day workshop with geowindow in Buchenbach. Here, they have the possibility to talk to other beginners and users of

If this project arouses your interest, please contact us!

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